The video you are about to view was recorded in October, 2016 by Alan John Smith on behalf of Milliniumforce Channel. The video depicts the model train exhibit located inside the Merchants Square Mall located on 12th Street in Allentown, PA.

The model train layout, which is predominately O' gauge (there are smaller sections that show HO guage equipment and structures) is located on the second floor of the mall. Shows begin every hour on the half-hour and last for 30 minutes. Your ticket can be used for the next show and all shows that follow if you wish to spend more time viewing the layout.

The upper portion of the layout is protected by plastic partitions and portions of the video were shot through the plastic causing some shadows. However some of the video was shot with the camera above the partitions which provides better viewing. Ladders are provided for kids and shorter patrons for better viewing.

Toward the end Alan claims that: "the model train exhibit is the largest in the world." But then wisely states that "it's the largest he has ever seen." Obviously it is not the World's largest, but it is impressive none the less.

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Video Model Train Exhibit

For more information on the Merchants Square Mall Model Train Exhibit visit their web site:

Modelm Train Exhibit Web Site




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